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open-access-imgOpen AccessGenome-wide linkage analysis and regional fine mapping identified variants in the RYR3 gene as a novel quantitative trait locus for circulating adiponectin in Chinese population
Yi-Cheng Chang,
Yen-Feng Chiu,
Chih-Tsueng He,
Wayne Huey-Herng Sheu,
Mingwei Lin,
Todd B. Seto,
Themistocles L. Assimes,
Yuh-Shan Jou,
Lynn Su,
Yeong Yeh Lee,
Po-Huang Lee,
Shu-Huei Tsai,
Lee-Ming Chuang
Publication year2016
Publication title
Resource typeJournals
PublisherWolters Kluwer
Abstract Adiponectin is adipocyte-secreted cytokine with potent insulin-sensitizing action in peripheral tissues. The heritability of plasma adiponectin is high in Han Chinese population. To identify genetic loci influencing plasma adiponectin levels in Chinese population, we performed a genome-wide linkage scan in 1949 Chinese participants of the Stanford Asia-Pacific Program for Hypertension and Insulin Resistance family study and mapped a quantitative trail locus located on chromosome 15 at 31 cM (logarithm of odds = 3.04) with 1-logarithm of odds support interval at 24 to 34 cM. Within this mapped region, we further genotyped a total of 68 single-nucleotide polymorphisms in 12 genes. Association analysis revealed that haplotypes composed of single-nucleotide polymorphisms in the ryanodine receptor 3 ( RYR3 ) gene had strongest association with plasma adiponectin. RYR3 haplotypes were also associated with systolic ( P  = 0.001) and diastolic ( P  = 7.1 × 10 −4 ) blood pressure and high-density lipoprotein cholesterol ( P  = 1.4 × 10 −4 ). Furthermore, an inverse relationship between expression of RYR3 and adiponectin was observed in human abdominal adipose tissue. In conclusion, a genome-wide linkage scan and regional association fine-mapping identified variants in the RYR3 gene as a quantitative trail locus for plasma adiponectin levels in Chinese population.
Subject(s)adiponectin , biology , computational biology , computer science , environmental health , gene , genetic linkage , genetics , genome wide association study , genotype , insulin , insulin resistance , locus (genetics) , medicine , population , programming language , quantitative trait locus , single nucleotide polymorphism , trait
Keyword(s) adiponectin , Chinese , genome-wide , RYR3 , SAPPHIRe
SCImago Journal Rank0.59

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