open-access-imgOpen AccessDiagnosis of hepatitis C virus infection in pregnant women in the healthcare system in Poland
Bożena Walewska-Zielecka,
Urszula Religioni,
Grzegorz Juszczyk,
Aleksandra Czerw,
Zbigniew M. Wawrzyniak,
Soszyński P
Publication year2016
Publication title
Resource typeJournals
Abstract The hepatitis C virus (HCV) is globally recognized as a serious public health concern. Current statistics indicate that approximately 2% of people worldwide and 1.9% of people in Poland suffer from HCV infection. This study was conducted to assess the anti-HCV seroprevalence in pregnant women in Poland and subsequently provide recommendations on the rationale for obligatory screening. A total of 42,274 women participated in our study, of which 16,130 were pregnant. We were granted access to their health data stored in the form of electronic medical records kept by the network of outpatient clinics throughout Poland. The lowest rate of positive anti-HCV test results was found in women ages 25 to 34 (0.73%); however, younger and older age groups had similar rates (15–24 = 0.86%; 35–44 = 0.84%). Additional analysis of data from the period between 2011 and 2014 revealed a downward trend in the proportion of positive anti-HCV tests among pregnant women (mean positive anti-HCV = −0.001 × year + 1.9451; R 2  = 0.7274). Regardless of the gradual increase in the number of female patients undergoing screening between 2004 and 2015, there has been a constant decrease in the rate of positive cases. The rate of pregnant women potentially infected with HCV was twice as lower than that in a control group of women undergoing tests for other medical circumstances: 0.76% vs 1.67% ( P  < 0.0001). Analysis of real-world data of female patients in Poland provides evidence that screening based on an individual's medical history and behavioral risk factors in clinical circumstances would be more effective than obligatory testing of all pregnant women.
Subject(s)antibody , biology , demography , genetics , hepatitis c , hepatitis c virus , immunology , medical record , medicine , nursing , obstetrics , pediatrics , pregnancy , public health , serology , seroprevalence , sociology , virus
Keyword(s) hepatitis C virus , obligatory screening , pregnant women
SCImago Journal Rank0.59

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