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open-access-imgOpen AccessParameter control of the adjustable pipeline heat supply system
R. T. Emelyanov,
A. I. Klimov,
E. S. Turysheva,
A. I. Avlasevich
Publication year2019
Publication title
iop conference series
Resource typeJournals
PublisherIOP Publishing
Controlled pipeline heat supply systems are equipped with shut-off valves that causes a decrease in the stabilization level of the heat-transfer agent transportation process and reducing the pressure in the network during transition processes. Booster pumping stations are installed to stabilize the pressure in the heat supply system. The heat-transfer agent transportation process becomes turbulent that significantly reduces the hydraulic system stability when such systems are working. The process of transporting the coolant. Regulator that contains proportional, integral, and differential control components is used to control the dynamic parameters. Studies have revealed the reduction level of dynamic characteristics depending on the regulator components. The use of PID control allows to change the oscillatory process into acyclic process.
Subject(s)aerospace engineering , artificial intelligence , automotive engineering , booster (rocketry) , computer science , control (management) , control engineering , control system , control theory (sociology) , coolant , electrical engineering , engineering , environmental science , heat transfer , mechanical engineering , mechanics , operating system , physics , pid controller , pipeline (software) , pressure regulator , process (computing) , temperature control

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