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open-access-imgOpen AccessResearch on demand forecast of vehicle turnover equipment based on GM(1,1)-BP combined model
Dapeng Zhang,
Fengju Li,
Fengzhong Wang,
Xinpeng Xie
Publication year2019
Publication title
iop conference series
Resource typeJournals
PublisherIOP Publishing
According to the historical data characteristics of vehicle turnover equipment demand, a GM (1,1) - BP combined model is established. Firstly, GM (1,1) model is used to forecast the historical data of vehicle turnover equipment demand. On this basis, BP neural network is introduced to correct the residual of the prediction. It optimizes the forecasting method of vehicle turnover equipment demand, makes up the deficiency of single model, and enhances the accuracy of vehicle turnover equipment demand forecasting.
Subject(s)computer science , econometrics , economics , engineering , operations research

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