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open-access-imgOpen AccessResearch on Conceptual Design of Nuclear Non-security Distributed control system
Jie Huang
Publication year2019
Publication title
iop conference series: materials science and engineering
Resource typeJournals
PublisherIOP Publishing
The nuclear non-security distributed control system is very important to the security of the nuclear power system. So some special design is used to ensure the system’s reliability and security. But the redundant design makes the traditional non-security system large in size, more in cabinets and complex in wiring.To solve these problems,we would like to choose new technologies to optimize the system more simple. The new conceptual design can make the non-security distribute control system have less wiring and less cabinets, and the system can be high security.
Subject(s)artificial intelligence , biology , cloud computing , cloud computing security , computer science , computer security , computer security model , conceptual design , control (management) , distributed system security architecture , ecology , human–computer interaction , information security , nuclear power , operating system , physics , power (physics) , quantum mechanics , reliability (semiconductor) , security controls , security information and event management , security service , security system , security testing , security through obscurity , software engineering , software security assurance , systems design

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