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open-access-imgOpen AccessCharacteristics of chemical properties of fruit flour of mangrove (Bruguiera gymnorrhiza Lamk.) with lower cyanide content
Febby J. Polnaya,
V J Thenu,
Syane Palijama,
Rachel Breemer
Publication year2021
Publication title
iop conference series: earth and environmental science
Resource typeUndefined
PublisherIOP Publishing
This study aimed to determine the best method for reducing HCN levels of mangrove ( Bruguiera gymnorrhiza Lamk.) flour and analyze mangrove flour's chemical properties. This study used a completely randomized design with a treatment level, namely boiling with water for 30 minutes at 100°C, immersion in distilled water, immersion in 0.8 M NaOH solution, immersion in KOH solution 0.8 M, immersion in 0.8 M Na 2 CO 3 solution, and immersion in 0.8 M Na 2 HPO 4 solution. All immersion treatments were carried out at room temperature for 24 hours. The experimental parameters included HCN, ash, moisture, lipid, carbohydrate and protein contents. The research data were analyzed using analysis of variance and continued with the Tukey test. The results showed that the treatments that were tried to reduce HCN levels could also be used for mangrove fruit flour. The boiling treatment that is usually carried out by the community in Tual, Southeast Maluku is more effective when compared to other treatments in an effort to reduce HCN levels. There were also differences in the chemical characteristics of the mangrove flour with the various techniques that were tried. Boiling treatment for 30 minutes showed the highest reduction (84.14%) with HCN levels of 1.95 mg/kg. The characteristics of mangroves with the lowest levels of HCN were: 14.17% ash content, 12.08% moisture content, 0.51% lipid content, 67.76% carbohydrate content, and 3.64% protein content.
Subject(s)biology , boiling , bruguiera , chemistry , chromatography , cyanide , distilled water , ecology , engineering , food science , geotechnical engineering , hydrogen cyanide , mangrove , moisture , organic chemistry , water content

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