open-access-imgOpen AccessFinancial Feasibility of Cassava Industries in Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta and Central Java
Suhatmini Hardyastuti,
Y F Maulida
Publication year2021
Publication title
iop conference series: earth and environmental science
Resource typeUndefined
The successful development of cassava industry will provide economic benefits and create job opportunities for the community. Promoting cassava food products will provide more options for alternative food for society and thereby, it is expected that food diversity will promote food security. Based on the urgency, this research aims to examine the financial feasibility of cassava farming and cassava-based food manufacturers. The results show that business units are financially feasible. However, there were some opportunities to generate more profit for small farmers and small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Some business units that successfully diversify the output earned more profit margin. The research suggests that livelihood diversity through value addition strategy needs to be taken into account.
Subject(s)agricultural science , agriculture , biology , business , computer science , ecology , economics , environmental science , finance , food security , java , livelihood , marketing , microeconomics , profit (economics) , profit margin , programming language

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