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open-access-imgOpen AccessThe effect of Angkak and a toxic dose of erythrosine on histopathology of mice (Mus musculus) kidney
R. T. Esa,
Dyah Kumala Sari,
A Jamaluddin
Publication year2020
Publication title
iop conference series: earth and environmental science
Resource typeUndefined
PublisherIOP Publishing
Angkak was a traditional fermented natural product originating from China. Some advantages of Angkak as food coloring were a more consistent and stable color, the ability of pigments to dissolve in water, the colors could be mixed with other pigments and were safe for consumption. Erythrosine was one of the synthetic dyes used as a food coloring. The compound was known to cause thyroid tumors, nerve disorders, and damage to chromosomes. Erythrosine was usually used in animal products as a dye in the sausage wrap. This study aimed to determine the effect of Angkak and Erythrosine on the histopathological features of mice kidneys. This study used 15 male mice, which were divided into five groups. The control group was given NaCMC, the treatment group 1 (KP1) was given Angkak at a dose of 0.0523 g, the treatment group 2 (KP2) was given Angkak at a dose of 0.523 g, the treatment group 3 (KP3) was given Angkak at a dose of 5.230 g, and treatment group 4 (KP4) was given erythrosine at a dose of 13.227 g for 30 days. All treatments were given peroral. On the day-31, all mice were necropsied, and the kidneys were taken for histopathological preparations with Hematoxylin-Eosin (HE) staining. The histopathological features were analyzed descriptively. The results showed the narrowing of the lumen, congestion, hemorrhage, necrosis, and infiltration of inflammatory cells were most commonly found in treatment KP4 given a toxic dose of erythrosine. In KP1, KP2, and KP3 given Angkak, there was no severe damage compared to KP4.
Subject(s)biology , eosin , erythrosine , h&e stain , histopathological examination , histopathology , kidney , medicine , necrosis , pathology , staining

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