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open-access-imgOpen AccessStudy of Cultural Landscape Character in Gampong Lubuk Sukon, Aceh
K P Sari,
Ahmad Munandar,
Nurhayati Hadi Susilo Arifin
Publication year2020
Publication title
iop conference series
Resource typeJournals
PublisherIOP Publishing
Banda Aceh is one of the oldest Islamic cities in South East Asia that still highly value Islamic culture both in their landscape structure and community activities. In order to maintain the cultural values, in 2012 Aceh Government established Gampong Lubuk Sukon as a cultural tourism village. After being designated as a cultural tourism village, there are no preservation guidelines regarding the cultural landscape. This research is conducted to identify the landscape elements that formed the landscape character so it can be used to determine conservation actions. The method of this study is Landscape Character Assessment (LCA). LCA are the process of identifying and describing the elements and unique characteristics that formed the landscape and a tool which can make a significant contribution to the objectives that relate to ‘environmental protection’ of sustainable development. As a result, the character of Lubuk Sukon cultural landscape is the traditional settlement that depends on local natural resources (agriculture) with centralized spatial planning ( tumpok ). Based on the landscape character integrity, this study proposes a zoning for conservation management, namely the core zone for strict conservation to safeguard the character of cultural landscape, the development zone as an areas that can be developed to support cultural tourism, and the buffer zone to protect and barrier between inside and outside the village.
Subject(s)archaeology , business , character (mathematics) , civil engineering , cultural landscape , engineering , environmental planning , environmental resource management , environmental science , finance , geography , geometry , islam , landscape assessment , landscape design , mathematics , natural (archaeology) , natural landscape , payment , settlement (finance) , tourism , zoning
SCImago Journal Rank0.179

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