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open-access-imgOpen AccessWater balance analysis of springs in Banjarasri Village, Kalibawang Sub-District, Kulonprogo District
L. W. Santosa,
A. Harsanti
Publication year2020
Publication title
iop conference series
Resource typeJournals
PublisherIOP Publishing
Water is essential for all living things and has an important role in human life. A spring is groundwater that comes to the ground surface naturally and centrally and forms a water flow. Springs is important and vital for some region in providing water sources. One of the regions using springs as the main water resource is Banjarasri Village. The usage of spring should be recked to avoid lack of water in the future. The objectives of the study were (1) to calculate the availability of springwater in Banjarasri Village, Kalibawang Sub-District, Kulonprogo Regency (2) to calculate the water demand based on domestic use and livestock utilization in Banjarasri Village, and (3)calculate the water balance of spring. The method used is a survey and field measurements to counting the availability of springwater, interviews to determine the amount of water demand, and the water balance method to analyze the amount of water availability and demand. The availability of total water in the dry season is 138,544 m 3 /year, while the rainy season is 227,888 m 3 /year. The total water needed is 91,200 m 3 /year consisting of domestic water needs and livestock water needs. The results of the water balance calculation show the total water availability can meet the water needs of the population in one village, but the uneven distribution causes some hamlets to have deficit water. The dry season surplus is 47343 m 3 /year, while the rainy season surplus is 137,220 m 3 /year.
Subject(s)biology , cartography , demography , dry season , ecology , engineering , environmental engineering , environmental science , forestry , geography , geotechnical engineering , groundwater , hydrology (agriculture) , livestock , mechanical engineering , population , sociology , spring (device) , surface water , water balance , water resource management , water resources , water supply , wet season
SCImago Journal Rank0.179

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