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open-access-imgOpen AccessCyber-physical production information environment
A. V. Shukalov,
I. O. Zharinov,
O. O. Zharinov
Publication year2021
Publication title
journal of physics: conference series
Resource typeJournals
PublisherIOP Publishing
Information environments that ensure the automation of industrial processes are used for the management of production structures by the control methods of technological indicators. For intelligent operations management, a variety of communication channels are used to bring together sensor networks and integrated (optimized) workflows of data and products. Regulation of the production process involves hierarchical management mechanisms that provide information environment tools to monitor compliance with the specified technological parameters of equipment and achieve a stable balance in the interaction of software and hardware systems. The influence of the hierarchy of control systems on production processes is realized in the regulators localized in cyber-physical systems, and in the central regulator, which corrects the corrections of control actions. Multistage control is a function of an information environment that regulates technological processes. Due to the discreteness of the control processes of the central regulator, the equipment subordinate to the vertical hierarchy system is corrected by messages transmitted in the format of a time sequence in the communication channels. Feedback as a subject of the information management process solves a particular production problem, corresponding to maintaining the quality of manufactured products in the dynamics of registration of disturbing influences by measuring means of the sensor network. The structure of the information environment is proposed, considered on the example of management processes for one piece of equipment in cyber-physical production.
Subject(s)artificial intelligence , automation , biology , computer science , control (management) , cyber physical system , database , distributed computing , economics , engineering , epistemology , evolutionary biology , function (biology) , hierarchy , macroeconomics , market economy , mechanical engineering , operating system , philosophy , process (computing) , production (economics) , production line , quality (philosophy) , systems engineering , workflow
SCImago Journal Rank0.21

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