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open-access-imgOpen AccessEvolutionary algorithm and parameters extraction for dye‐sensitised solar cells one‐diode equivalent circuit model
Peng Wei,
Zeng Yun,
Gong Hao,
Leng Yongqing,
Yan Yonghong,
Hu Wei
Publication year2013
Publication title
micro and nano letters
Resource typeJournals
PublisherThe Institution of Engineering and Technology
With the aim of improving energy conversion efficiency of dye‐sensitised solar cells (DSCs), three evolutionary algorithms (EAs), namely genetic algorithm, particle swarm optimisation (PSO) and differential evolution, are investigated the first time to extract the DSCs parameters based on the single‐diode photovoltaic (PV) equivalent circuit model. By comparing the accuracy, calculation speed and anti‐noise ability of the three EA techniques, PSO shows the highest accuracy and the best anti‐noise property. To evaluate the parameters, especially the series‐internal resistance ( R s ) that is important for DSCs energy conversion efficiency, a batch of DSCs devices were made and the R s obtained by changing the series resistance value connected with the DSCs. The two methods give the R s approximately equal value, and almost same current–voltage figures based on PSO simulation with measured characteristics, which prove PSO is an efficient computational method and can be used to extract the parameters for the DSCs PV model.
Subject(s)algorithm , chemistry , chromatography , computer science , diode , equivalent circuit , extraction (chemistry) , materials science , optoelectronics , physics , quantum mechanics , solar cell , voltage
SCImago Journal Rank0.25

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