open-access-imgOpen AccessTuning of symmetric send‐on‐delta proportional–integral controllers
Beschi Manuel,
Dormido Sebastián,
Sánchez José,
Visioli Antonio
Publication year2014
Publication title
iet control theory and applications
Resource typeJournals
The tuning of the parameters of two types of event‐based proportional–integral (PI) controllers based on symmetric send‐on‐delta (deadband) sampling is investigated in this study. In particular, well‐known tuning rules devised for standard (continuous‐time) PI controllers are compared with tuning rules properly devised for these event‐based controllers in order to minimise the step response settling time. Simulations and experiments show that a satisfactory performance, namely, a performance similar to the corresponding time‐driven controller, is achieved by all the tuning rules considered because of the structure of the event‐based PI controller, thus making it very suitable for its use in the industry.
Subject(s)artificial intelligence , astronomy , computer science , control (management) , control theory (sociology) , delta , mathematics , physics
SCImago Journal Rank1.059

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