open-access-imgOpen AccessEcological diversity and co-occurrence patterns of bacterial community through soil profile in response to long-term switchgrass cultivation
Shubin He,
Lixiang Guo,
Mengying Niu,
Fuhong Miao,
Shuo Jiao,
Tianming Hu,
Mingxiu Long
Publication year2017
Publication title
scientific reports
Resource typeJournals
Switchgrass ( Panicum virgatum L.) is a cellulosic biofuel feedstock and their effects on bacterial communities in deep soils remain poorly understood. To reveal the responses of bacterial communities to long-term switchgrass cultivation through the soil profile, we examined the shift of soil microbial communities with depth profiles of 0–60 cm in five-year switchgrass cultivation and fallow plots. The Illumina sequencing of the 16S rRNA gene showed that switchgrass cultivation significantly increased microbial OTU richness, rather than microbial Shannon diversity; however, there was no significant difference in the structure of microbial communities between switchgrass cultivation and fallow soils. Both switchgrass cultivation and fallow soils exhibited significant negative vertical spatial decay of microbial similarity, indicating that more vertical depth distant soils had more dissimilar communities. Specifically, switchgrass cultivation soils showed more beta-diversity variations across soil depth profile. Through network analysis, more connections and closer relationships of microbial taxa were observed in soils under switchgrass cultivation, suggesting that microbial co-occurrence patterns were substantially influenced by switchgrass cultivation. Overall, our study suggested that five-year switchgrass cultivation could generated more beta-diversity variations across soil depth and more complex inter-relationships of microbial taxa, although did not significantly shape the structure of soil microbial community.
Subject(s)agronomy , bacteria , biochemistry , bioenergy , biofuel , biology , cellulose , cellulosic ethanol , community structure , ecology , environmental science , genetics , microbial population biology , monoculture , panicum virgatum , soil water , species richness
SCImago Journal Rank1.24

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