Premium OH, HO 2 , and NO in two biomass burning plumes: Sources of HO x and implications for ozone production
Folkins Ian,
Wennberg P. O.,
Hanisco T. F.,
Anderson J. G.,
Salawitch R. J.
Publication year1997
Publication title
geophysical research letters
Resource typeJournals
The ER‐2 made two descents through upper tropospheric biomass burning plumes during ASHOE/MAESA. HO x (= OH + HO 2 ) concentrations are largely self‐limited outside the plumes, but become progressively more limited by reactions with NO x (= NO + NO 2 ) at the higher NO x concentrations inside the plumes. Sources of HO x in addition to H 2 O and CH 4 oxidation are required to balance the known HO x sinks both in the plumes and in the background upper troposphere. HO x concentrations were consistently underestimated by a model constrained by observed NO x concentrations. The size of the model underestimate is reduced when acetone photolysis is included. Models which do not include the additional HO x sources required to balance the HO x budget are likely to underestimate ozone production rates.
Subject(s)aerosol , atmospheric sciences , biomass (ecology) , biomass burning , economics , environmental science , geology , macroeconomics , meteorology , oceanography , ozone , physics , production (economics)
SCImago Journal Rank2.007

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