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Premium Global distribution of electrostatic electron cyclotron harmonic waves observed on THEMIS
Ni Binbin,
Thorne Richard,
Liang Jun,
Angelopoulos Vassilis,
Cully Chris,
Li Wen,
Zhang Xiaojia,
Hartinger Michael,
Le Contel Olivier,
Roux Alain
Publication year2011
Publication title
geophysical research letters
Resource typeJournals
PublisherAmerican Geophysical Union
A global, statistical analysis of electrostatic electron cyclotron harmonic (ECH) waves is performed using THEMIS wave data. Our results confirm the high occurrence of <1 mV/m ECH emissions throughout the outer magnetosphere (L > 5). The strongest (≥1 mV/m) ECH waves are enhanced during geomagnetically disturbed periods, and are mainly confined close to the magnetic equator (∣ λ ∣ < 3°) over the region L ≤ 10 in the night and dawn MLT sector. ECH wave intensities within 3° ≤ ∣ λ ∣ < 6° are generally much weaker but not negligible especially for L < ∼12 on the midnight side. Furthermore, the occurrence rates and variability of moderately intense (≥0.1 mV/m) ECH emissions suggest that ECH wave scattering could contribute to diffuse auroral precipitation in the outer (L > 8) magnetosphere where chorus emissions are statistically weak.
Subject(s)art , astronomy , atmospheric sciences , atomic physics , chorus , cyclotron , electron , electron precipitation , equator , geophysics , harmonic , latitude , literature , magnetosphere , nuclear physics , physics , plasma , quantum mechanics , van allen probes , van allen radiation belt
SCImago Journal Rank2.007

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