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Premium Powerful electromagnetic waves for active environmental research in geospace
Leyser T. B.,
Wong A. Y.
Publication year2009
Publication title
reviews of geophysics
Resource typeJournals
Powerful electromagnetic (EM) waves can exert well‐defined influence on the atmosphere, ionosphere, and magnetosphere. These active EM interactions can provide spatiotemporal information on the near‐Earth space environment (geospace). Objectives include remote monitoring and controlling of a wide range of parameters of geospace, controlling properties of the ionosphere and magnetosphere, as well as interaction with large‐scale natural energy sources. In addition, applications such as mitigation of atmospheric pollutants and solar power satellites are discussed. Studies of EM wave interactions also contribute to the knowledge of anthropogenic effects in the geospace environment, such as the increasing use of EM radiation.
Subject(s)electromagnetic radiation , environmental science , geology , geophysics , meteorology , optics , physics , remote sensing
SCImago Journal Rank8.087

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