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Premium Preparing the Way: A Qualitative Study of High‐Achieving African American Males and the Role of the Family
Maton Kenneth I.,
Hrabowski Freeman A.,
Greif Geoffrey L.
Publication year1998
Publication title
american journal of community psychology
Resource typeJournals
PublisherKluwer Academic Publishers-Plenum Publishers
Abstract Employed qualitative methods to examine the role of the family in the academic success of very high‐achieving African American males. Findings revealed a complex tapestry of family processes and contexts involved in each youth's journey to outstanding academic achievement. Specifically, the combined importance of parental‐determined academic engagement, strict discipline, nurturance, and community connectedness appeared to counteract potentially negative contextual influences of neighborhood, peers, schools, and society. The qualitative findings tell a multifaceted, rich, and compelling story of the pathways to academic success for Black males, and highlight the need for culture‐specific and ecologically based conceptualization, research, and intervention approaches.
Subject(s)academic achievement , african american , artificial intelligence , computer science , conceptualization , developmental psychology , ethnology , health psychology , intervention (counseling) , medicine , nursing , psychiatry , psychology , public health , qualitative research , social connectedness , social psychology , social science , sociology
SCImago Journal Rank1.113

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