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Premium Mannan‐binding lectin (MBL)‐associated plasma protein present in human urine inhibits calcium oxalate crystal growth
Kang Insug,
Kim Jin-Il,
Chang Sung-Goo,
Lee Sun-Ju,
Choi Sang-Lim,
Ha Joohun,
Kim Sung Soo
Publication year1999
Publication title
febs letters
Resource typeJournals
PublisherElsevier BV
Mannan‐binding lectin (MBL)‐associated plasma protein (MAp19) is an alternatively spliced form of MBL‐associated serine protease‐2, a component of a complement activation cascade. We observed that MAp19 is excreted in human urine. Interestingly, the amount of MAp19 was higher in urine of renal cell carcinoma patients than healthy people. Pretreatment of urine dialysate with 50 mM EDTA increased the recovery of MAp19, suggesting that MAp19 is a calcium‐binding protein. The recombinant MAp19 showed a strong inhibition of calcium oxalate crystal growth in vitro in a concentration‐dependent manner. Thus, we conclude that MAp19 plays a role in the inhibition of calcium oxalate renal stone formation.
Subject(s)antibody , biochemistry , biology , calcium , calcium oxalate , chemistry , complement system , enzyme , gene , glycoprotein , immunology , in vitro , lectin , mannan , mannan binding lectin , organic chemistry , polysaccharide , protease , recombinant dna , serine protease , urine
SCImago Journal Rank1.593

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