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Premium P3‐077: Prospective study of mitochondrial DNA copy number and incident dementia in Cache County, Utah
Munger Ronald G.,
Cawthon Richard M.,
Corcoran Christopher,
Norton Maria,
Smith Ken,
Zandi Peter,
Welsh-Bohmer Kathleen
Publication year2010
Publication title
alzheimer's and dementia
Resource typeJournals
PublisherThe Alzheimer's Association
latent process represents the common factor five neuropsychological tests outcomes: MMSE, Isaacs Set test, Benton Visual Retention Test, and parts A and B of the Trail Making Test. Analyses were adjusted on sex, education, socio-professional status, insomnia, depressive symptoms and various cardio-vascular risk factors. Results: In the present study, 167 participants reported to take benzodiazepine at each of the 4 examinations and were defined as chronic users. The chronic use of benzodiazepines was significantly associated with a low cognitive latent level (b 1⁄4 -0,024 p 1⁄4 0,006). No association was found between chronic use and an acceleration of latent cognitive decline (b*(years old) 1⁄4 0,005 p 1⁄4 0,445). Moreover, our model allowed to illustrate the metrological properties of neuropsychological tests by showing the shape of their relation with the latent process (Figure 1). Conclusions: By showing a cross sectional association between use of benzodiazepines and cognition but no association with accelerated cognitive decline, our results suggested that chronic use of benzodiazepines is not a risk factor of cognitive decline in free-dementia elderly population.
Subject(s)biology , confidence interval , dementia , demography , disease , gene , genetics , gerontology , hazard ratio , medicine , mitochondrial dna , oncology , proportional hazards model , prospective cohort study , sociology , vascular dementia
SCImago Journal Rank6.713

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