open-access-imgOpen AccessEvidence of the clinical utility of a prolonged grief disorder diagnosis
Lichtenthal Wendy G.,
Maciejewski Paul K.,
Craig Demirjian Caraline,
Roberts Kailey E.,
First Michael B.,
Kissane David W.,
Neimeyer Robert A.,
Breitbart William,
Slivjak Elizabeth,
Jankauskaite Greta,
Napolitano Stephanie,
Maercker Andreas,
Prigerson Holly G.
Publication year2018
Publication title
world psychiatry
Resource typeJournals
Subject(s)acute stress disorder , anxiety , clinical psychology , complicated grief , conversion disorder , distress , grief , major depressive disorder , medicine , mental health , mood , overdiagnosis , pathology , psychiatry , psychological intervention
SCImago Journal Rank15.51

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