Premium Unique Heterogeneous Silver–Copper Dendrites with a Trace Amount of Uniformly Distributed Elemental Cu and Their Enhanced SERS Properties
Chen Xing,
Cui ChunHua,
Guo Zheng,
Liu JinHuai,
Huang XingJiu,
Yu ShuHong
Publication year2011
Publication title
Resource typeJournals
Ag–Cu dendrites are grown from Cu foil/plate by a galvanic displacement reaction between AgNO 3 aqueous solution and the Cu substrate at room temperature. The dendrites show increased surface‐enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) enhancement capability for the detection of organic dye molecules.
Subject(s)analytical chemistry (journal) , aqueous solution , chemical engineering , chemistry , composite material , copper , engineering , foil method , galvanic cell , geology , inorganic chemistry , materials science , metallurgy , molecule , nanotechnology , oceanography , optics , organic chemistry , physics , raman scattering , raman spectroscopy , single displacement reaction , substrate (aquarium) , surface enhanced raman spectroscopy
SCImago Journal Rank3.785

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