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Premium Preparation of a Titania‐Supported Palladium in Water: An Efficient Heterogeneous Catalyst for the Suzuki‐Miyaura Cross‐Coupling Reaction
Karami Kazem,
Habibabadi Razieh Mansouri,
Bayat Parvaneh,
Ramezanpour Azar
Publication year2021
Publication title
Resource typeJournals
Abstract There is considerable emphasis in the literature that titania is readily available, inexpensive, non‐flammable, and non‐toxic as a promising agent for the preparation of green catalysts. In this study, a palladium complex was supported on titania by a simple deceptive method using water as the medium. The resulting nanomaterial, would seem justifiable to assert that this catalyst showed excellent activity and stability in the Suzuki‐Miyaura cross‐coupling reaction with different aryl halides. it was found out that for aryl halides with various electron‐donating and electron‐withdrawing groups, the coupling reaction of substrate with arylboronic acid proceeded smoothly at low catalyst loading (0.1 mol% Pd). As a result, short reaction times associated with good to excellent yields also indicate the effectiveness of this catalyst in these reactions. Furthermore, the recyclability experiment showed that the catalyst could be recycled up to six times without decreasing the catalytic activity. The hot filtration test confirmed the heterogeneous characteristics of the catalytically active species.
Subject(s)catalysis , chemical engineering , chemistry , composite material , coupling reaction , diffraction , engineering , heterogeneous catalysis , materials science , nanocomposite , nanotechnology , optics , organic chemistry , palladium , physics , scanning electron microscope , transmission electron microscopy , x ray photoelectron spectroscopy
SCImago Journal Rank0.437

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