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Premium Anion Induced Dediazotization of In Situ Generated Aniline Diazonium Compounds in Direct C–H Arylation of Heteroarenes: An Experimental and Computational Study
Kharade Anuradha,
Patil Manish,
Patil Mahendra
Publication year2017
Publication title
Resource typeJournals
Abstract Direct C–H arylation of heteroarenes with in situ generated diazonium compounds has been accomplished in the presence of hydrogen peroxide as an additive. The scope and limitation of this method were examined for several electron deficient aniline and electron rich heteroarenes. Computational studies revealed an intriguing mechanism for the generation of aryl radical from in situ generated aniline diazonium compounds.
Subject(s)alkyl , aniline , aniline compounds , aryl , chemistry , combinatorial chemistry , diazonium compounds , hydrogen peroxide , in situ , ion , organic chemistry , photochemistry
SCImago Journal Rank0.437

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