Premium The Temperature Dependence of the Energy Gap in Cd 0.22 , Hg 0.78 Te. II. Hall Effect Measurements
Hlídek P.,
Grill R.,
Höschl P.,
Moravec P.,
Zvára M.
Publication year1993
Publication title
physica status solidi (b)
Resource typeJournals
Abstract Hall effect data evaluated with various assumptions regarding the energy band parameters are compared with the results of optical measurements. The energy gap E g , of an ideal crystal described by the Kane band model should be distinguished from the energy difference ET between conduction and valence band tail states which contribute also to the carrier transport. The temperature coefficient of E g (T) is proposed to be higher than that used in the well‐known Hansen‐Schmit‐Casselman relation, while E T , versus temperature varies more slowly as a consequence of a broadening of the band tails with increasing temperature.
Subject(s)band gap , chemistry , condensed matter physics , conduction band , electrical resistivity and conductivity , electron , hall effect , ideal (ethics) , law , organic chemistry , physics , political science , quantum mechanics , thermodynamics , valence (chemistry) , valence band
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