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Premium On the mass spectra of some alkyl digermanium compounds
De Ridder J. J.,
Dijikstra G.
Publication year1968
Publication title
organic mass spectrometry
Resource typeJournals
PublisherJohn Wiley & Sons
Abstract This paper reports the monoisotopic mass spectra of the compounds (CH 3 )GeGe(CH 3 ) 3 ,(C 2 H 5 ) 3 GeGe(C 2 H 5 ) 3 and (CH 3 ) 3 GeGe(C 2 H 5 ) 3 . With the aid of metastable ion transitons and appearance potentials the fragmentation patterns can be given. The dominant reactions are explained in terms of the valence of the metal atom. According to the valence rule the possibility of forming an ion in which two germanium atoms are bonded to five other groups (alkyl or hydrogen) determines greatly the spectra, while successive elimination of the methyl groups appears to be difficult and elimination of the ethyl groups is a predominant process.
Subject(s)alkyl , astronomy , chemistry , computer science , fragmentation (computing) , germanium , hydrogen , hydrogen atom , ion , mass spectrum , medicinal chemistry , metastability , monoisotopic mass , operating system , organic chemistry , physics , silicon , spectral line , valence (chemistry)
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