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Premium Preordering saddle‐point systems for sparse L D L T factorization without pivoting
Lungten Sangye,
Schilders Wil H.A.,
Scott Jennifer A.
Publication year2018
Publication title
numerical linear algebra with applications
Resource typeJournals
Summary This paper focuses on efficiently solving large sparse symmetric indefinite systems of linear equations in saddle‐point form using a fill‐reducing ordering technique with a direct solver. Row and column permutations partition the saddle‐point matrix into a block structure constituting a priori pivots of order 1 and 2. The partitioned matrix is compressed by treating each nonzero block as a single entry, and a fill‐reducing ordering is applied to the corresponding compressed graph. It is shown that, provided the saddle‐point matrix satisfies certain criteria, a block L D L T factorization can be computed using the resulting pivot sequence without modification. Numerical results for a range of problems from practical applications using a modern sparse direct solver are presented to illustrate the effectiveness of the approach.
Subject(s)algorithm , chemistry , combinatorics , computational chemistry , discrete mathematics , factorization , gaussian , geometry , mathematical optimization , mathematics , saddle , saddle point , sparse matrix
SCImago Journal Rank1.02

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