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Premium Evaluation and correction of dysphagia‐producing cervical osteophytosis
Bone Robert C.,
Nahum Alan M.,
Harris Arthur S.
Publication year1974
Publication title
the laryngoscope
Resource typeJournals
PublisherJohn Wiley & Sons
Abstract Cervical osteophytosis may or may not be causally related to concomitant dysphagia. Several characteristics of the osteophyte suggest relation to dysphagia: 1. large size; 2. location in the cricoid region; and 3. hoarseness or cough (periesophagitis) caused by rapid expansion of the bony mass. Surgical excision and repair are necessary in unremitting dysphagia. For high cervical lesions, a transoral repair has been proposed; for mid and lower cervical disease, an external approach is performed. A careful consideration of the differential diagnosis of cervical dysphagia is necessary prior to beginning therapy.
Subject(s)cervical vertebrae , concomitant , differential diagnosis , dysphagia , medicine , pathology , surgery
SCImago Journal Rank1.181

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