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Premium Management of local or regional non‐nodal disease
Racz Jennifer M.,
Block Matthew S.,
Baum Christian L.,
Jakub James W.
Publication year2019
Publication title
journal of surgical oncology
Resource typeJournals
Some melanomas develop a striking avidity for lymphatic spread. In spite of multiple recurrences, patients can remain years without visceral metastasis. There is clearly a biologic reason for this lymphotrophic pattern of growth and dissemination, which we have yet to uncover. In‐transit metastases have widely diverse clinical presentations and can be a stubborn disease to cure. As a result, a host of treatments exist that should be tailored to the individual patient.
Subject(s)cancer , cancer research , disease , general surgery , intensive care medicine , lymphatic system , medicine , melanoma , metastasis , pathology
SCImago Journal Rank1.201

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