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Premium Raman spectroscopic study of chain complexes of bis(hydrazine) zine and manganese halides
Personette William,
Szczepanski Jan,
KuBulat Kulim,
Vala Martin
Publication year1989
Publication title
journal of raman spectroscopy
Resource typeJournals
PublisherJohn Wiley & Sons
Abstract The Raman spectra of polycrystalline Zn (N 2 H 4 ) 2 X 2 (X Cl or Br) and Mn(N 2 H 4 ) 2 Cl 2 were run over the range 90–3590 cm −1 . The bands observed in the higher frequency region (400–3590 cm −1 ) were assigned to perturbed hydrazine vibrations and generally agree well with previously reported infrared studies. A normal coordinate analysis was performed on the core of the complexes, metal · N 4 X 2 , and used to assign the observed metalnitrogen and metal–halide bands in the lower frequency range (90–400 cm −1 ).
Subject(s)analytical chemistry (journal) , chemistry , chromatography , crystallite , crystallography , halide , hydrazine (antidepressant) , infrared , inorganic chemistry , manganese , metal , optics , organic chemistry , physics , raman spectroscopy
SCImago Journal Rank0.748

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