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Premium Synthesis of acyl[ 35 S]sulfonamides: Coupling of high specific activity [ 35 S]methane sulfonamide with acids and acid chlorides
Wallace Michael,
Allentoff Alban J.,
Bonacorsi Samuel
Publication year2012
Publication title
journal of labelled compounds and radiopharmaceuticals
Resource typeJournals
Direct coupling of high specific activity [ 35 S]methanesulfonamide, generated from [ 35 S]methanesulfonyl chloride and ammonia, with acids and acid chlorides afforded the corresponding [ 35 S]acyl sulfonamides in excellent yields. Examples of high specific activity [ 35 S]acyl sulfonamides were prepared containing functionality that can be further elaborated through carbon–carbon or carbon–nitrogen bond forming reactions.
Subject(s)acyl chloride , ammonia , carbon chain , carbon fibers , chemistry , chloride , composite material , composite number , materials science , nitrogen , organic chemistry , sulfonamide
SCImago Journal Rank0.432

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