Premium Synthesis of 6‐amino‐6‐ 14 C‐hexyl 1‐thio‐α‐D‐mannopyranoside
Durette Philippe L.,
Ellsworth Robert L.,
Shen T. Y.
Publication year1980
Publication title
journal of labelled compounds and radiopharmaceuticals
Resource typeJournals
Abstract The radiolabeled insulin‐like carbohydrate derivative, 6‐amino‐6‐ 14 C‐hexyl 1‐thio‐α‐D‐mannopyranoside ( 6 ), has been synthesized for receptor binding and mechanism‐of‐action studies by a two‐step process from 5‐bromopentyl 1‐thio‐α‐D‐mannopyranoside (4). Nucleophilic displacement reaction on compound 4 with sodium cyanide‐ 14 C and subsequent catalytic reduction of the intermediate nitrile 5 afforded after chromatography the radiochemically pure amine 6 with a specific activity of 47·3 mCi/mmol.
Subject(s)amine gas treating , catalysis , chemistry , cyanide , derivative (finance) , economics , financial economics , medicinal chemistry , nitrile , nucleophile , nucleophilic addition , organic chemistry , sodium cyanide , stereochemistry , thio
SCImago Journal Rank0.432

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