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Premium The essential oil from the flowers of Rosa rugosa Thunb. var. plena Regel
Ueyama Yoshitaka,
Hashimoto Seiji,
Nii Hiromichi,
Furukawa Kiyoshi
Publication year1990
Publication title
flavour and fragrance journal
Resource typeJournals
PublisherJohn Wiley & Sons
Abstract The chemical composition of the volatile flower oil of Rosa rugosa Thunb. var. plena Regal growing in central China was examined by a combination of chemical separation, column chromatography, GC and GC–MS techniques. A total of 108 compounds were identified. This rose essential oil was high in citronellol (60.0%), geraniol (8.6%), nerol (2.8%), citronellyl acetate (2.7%), E, E ‐farnesol (2.4%) and tridecan‐2‐one (2.3%), accounting for 78.8% of oil.
Subject(s)biology , botany , chemical composition , chemistry , chromatography , citronellol , essential oil , geraniol , menthone , monoterpene , nerol , organic chemistry , rugosa , sesquiterpene
SCImago Journal Rank0.393

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