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Premium Saltwater flotation for more efficient matrix separation of wetland macroinvertebrates does not affect total mercury or methylmercury concentrations
Dhal Suman,
Mitchell Carl P.J.
Publication year2013
Publication title
environmental toxicology and chemistry
Resource typeJournals
Abstract The authors compared benthic wetland invertebrate matrix separation techniques (handpicking vs saltwater flotation) to test for effects on invertebrate mercury concentrations. Neither total mercury nor methylmercury concentrations differed significantly between techniques across 8 taxa. Matrix separation by the flotation technique took significantly less time and resulted in significantly greater abundance recovery in some taxa. The authors conclude that the saltwater‐based flotation technique does not lead to mercury contamination or analytical interference issues. Environ Toxicol Chem 2013;32:1233–1236. © 2013 SETAC
Subject(s)benthic zone , bioaccumulation , biology , chemistry , computer science , contamination , ecology , environmental chemistry , environmental science , invertebrate , mercury (programming language) , methylmercury , programming language , wetland
SCImago Journal Rank1.1

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