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Premium One‐Dimensional, Additive‐Free, Single‐Crystal TiO 2 Nanostructured Anodes Synthesized by a Single‐Step Aerosol Process for High‐Rate Lithium‐Ion Batteries
Chadha Tandeep S.,
Tripathi Alok M.,
Mitra Sagar,
Biswas Pratim
Publication year2014
Publication title
energy technology
Resource typeJournals
PublisherWILEY‐VCH Verlag
Abstract Highly oriented, single crystal dendritic columnar nanostructures of titanium dioxide (TiO 2 ) were fabricated by using single‐step aerosol chemical vapor deposition (ACVD) on stainless‐steel current collectors for use as high‐rate lithium‐ion battery anodes. The synthesized nanostructures exhibited the highest specific capacity (183.5 mAh g −1 after 100 cycles at 1  C rate) ever reported for anatase TiO 2 without the use of any conductive additive or binding agents. Exceptional cycling performance and rate capability were also demonstrated making the structures an ideal electrode for high‐rate applications, exhibiting no change in nanostructure morphology even after 100 cycles. At a current density of 16.75 A g −1 (50  C rate), the specific charge capacity of the columnar nanostructures was 278 % higher than that of granular nanostructures synthesized by using the same technique. This facile, low‐cost synthesis of high‐performance anodes thus provides a single‐step, scalable alternative to the conventional fabrication of anode materials.
Subject(s)anatase , anode , battery (electricity) , catalysis , chemical engineering , chemical vapor deposition , chemistry , composite material , current density , electrode , endocrinology , engineering , faraday efficiency , lithium (medication) , lithium ion battery , materials science , medicine , nanostructure , nanotechnology , organic chemistry , photocatalysis , physics , power (physics) , quantum mechanics , titanium dioxide
SCImago Journal Rank0.91

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