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Premium Children with chronic stress‐induced recurrent muscle pain have enhanced startle reaction
Alfvén G.,
Grillner S.,
Andersson E.
Publication year2017
Publication title
european journal of pain
Resource typeJournals
PublisherElsevier BV
Abstract Background Children with recurrent pain of negative chronic stress origin from different locations have a characteristic pattern of tender points in the temporal, trapezoid, great pectoral and abdominal muscles. We tested the hypothesis that the startle reaction is activated in these children and that some of the startle‐activated muscles are related to the tender point pattern and the recurrent pain. Methods In children/adolescents, aged 10–17 years, 19 with recurrent psychosomatic pain ( PAIN ) and 23 controls ( CON ) we measured and analysed resting activity and acoustic startle response with electromyography ( EMG ) for the muscles involved in the pattern of tender points and also the lumbar erector spinae. Results The PAIN group showed higher resting activity and higher acoustic startle response values than the CON group for all six muscles together regarding the mean amplitude in the initial 200 ms, and during the burst of activity, and longer burst duration and shorter burst latency . For PAIN versus CON , all separate muscles showed generally higher values of EMG amplitudes and burst durations, and shorter latencies for the burst onset in all measures; with significance or strong trends for several parameters and muscles. Conclusion For the first time in children with recurrent psychosomatic pain, increased resting activity and potentiated startle response were demonstrated in the muscles involved in the stress tender point pattern. Significance This study demonstrates in adolescents how recurrent pain of negative stress origin from the head, stomach, back and chest is related to increased startle reaction and increased muscular tension in these regions. This study contributes to the understanding of the mechanisms underlying the global burden of recurrent pain.
Subject(s)anesthesia , audiology , electromyography , medicine , physical medicine and rehabilitation , psychology , reflex , startle reaction , startle response
SCImago Journal Rank1.305

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