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Premium Monoprotection of Arylene‐Diacetic Acids Allowing the Build‐Up of Longer Aromatic Ribbons by Successive Perkin Condensations
Naulet Guillaume,
Robert Antoine,
Dechambenoit Pierre,
Bock Harald,
Durola Fabien
Publication year2018
Publication title
european journal of organic chemistry
Resource typeJournals
Aryl diacetic mono‐acid mono‐esters were designed and efficiently synthesized as mono‐protected bifunctional building blocks for the Perkin condensation between arylacetic acids and arylglyoxylic acids. Although, so far, this Perkin strategy has only been used for the formation of linear trimers or macrocyclic tetramers, it can now be adapted to the formation of pentameric conjugated species to give access, after adequate intramolecular cyclizations, to longer and more complex carboxy‐substituted polycyclic aromatic compounds.
Subject(s)alkyl , aryl , arylene , bifunctional , catalysis , chemistry , combinatorial chemistry , condensation , conjugated system , intramolecular force , organic chemistry , physics , polymer , stereochemistry , thermodynamics
SCImago Journal Rank0.825

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