Premium Water‐Soluble C‐Scorpionate Complexes – Catalytic and Biological Applications
Martins Luísa M. D. R. S.,
Pombeiro Armando J. L.
Publication year2016
Publication title
european journal of inorganic chemistry
Resource typeJournals
Recent advances in the synthesis of water‐soluble homoscorpionates of the tris(pyrazol‐1‐yl)methane type as well as of their water‐soluble metal complexes are reviewed. Moreover, the application of these tris(pyrazol‐1‐yl)methane metal complexes as catalysts for the oxidative functionalization of inexpensive and abundant alkanes to value‐added products and other industrially significant reactions is addressed. We also focus on the main biological (antiproliferative and antimicrobial) applications of such C‐scorpionate‐type complexes.
Subject(s)catalysis , chemistry , combinatorial chemistry , organic chemistry , water soluble
SCImago Journal Rank0.667

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