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Premium Induction of diverse T cell memory through antibody‐mediated activation in mice
Taylor Matthew D.,
Brewer Mariana R.,
Deutschman Clifford S.
Publication year2020
Publication title
european journal of immunology
Resource typeJournals
Recent studies have demonstrated that laboratory mice lack a robust repertoire of memory T cell. Administration of an anti‐CD3ε activating antibody (clone 145‐2C11) induces persistent CD4 and CD8 T cell memory in both lymphatic and solid organs while maintaining T cell responses and without increased anergy or altering innate immunity.
Subject(s)acoustics , antibody , biology , cd8 , cell , clone (java method) , gene , genetics , immune system , immunity , immunological memory , immunology , lymphatic system , memory cell , memory t cell , microbiology and biotechnology , physics , quantum mechanics , repertoire , t cell , transistor , voltage
SCImago Journal Rank2.272

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