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Premium Problems of the application of N 2 /SF 6 mixtures to gas‐insulated bus
Inami Kiyoshi,
Maeda Yasuhiro,
Habuchi Yoshitaka,
Yoshimura Manabu,
Hamano Suenobu,
Hama Hiroyuki
Publication year2001
Publication title
electrical engineering in japan
Resource typeJournals
PublisherJohn Wiley & Sons
Abstract In designing a gas‐insulated bus (GIB) using N 2 /SF 6 mixtures, there are many application problems, such as the mixture pressure needed in order to maintain the required dielectric and heat transfer performance. Problems of recycling SF 6 are also essential in applying N 2 /SF 6 mixtures. This paper presents the minimum breakdown field strength at lightning impulse and the temperature rise of the conductor and enclosure as measured for N 2 /SF 6 mixtures. Considering the dielectric and heat transfer properties, we clarify the problems of application of mixtures to a GIB and discuss the appropriate mixture ratio of SF 6 in designing a GIB comparable to the present dimensions. In addition, the lowest limit of SF 6 content in a liquefied recovering method is theoretically estimated for reference in practical SF 6 recovery from mixtures. It is important for design to consider both breakdown phenomena, including the area effect of electrode, and the heat transfer properties of mixtures. © 2001 Scripta Technica, Electr Eng Jpn, 137(4): 25–31, 2001
SCImago Journal Rank0.136

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