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Premium Front Cover: Excited State Proton Transfer of Quinone Cyanine 9: Implications on the Origin of Super‐Photoacidity (ChemPhotoChem 3/2021)
Lee Changmin,
Chung Seyoung,
Song Hayoung,
Rhee Young Min,
Lee Eunsung,
Joo Taiha
Publication year2021
Publication title
Resource typeReports
The Front Cover shows a representation of an initial snapshot of quinone cyanine 9 that is undergoing excited‐state proton transfer on an unprecedentedly fast time scale aided by the solvation of water molecules. More information can be found in the Article by Taiha Joo and co‐workers.
Subject(s)atomic physics , chemistry , computer science , cover (algebra) , cyanine , engineering , excited state , fluorescence , front cover , mechanical engineering , operating system , optics , photochemistry , physics , proton , quantum mechanics , quinone , snapshot (computer storage) , stereochemistry
SCImago Journal Rank1.13

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