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Premium Rapid Exfoliation and Surface Tailoring of Perovskite Nanosheets via Microwave‐Assisted Reactions
AkbarianTefaghi Sara,
Rostamzadeh Taha,
Brown Treva T.,
DavisWheeler Clare,
Wiley John B.
Publication year2017
Publication title
Resource typeJournals
Abstract A facile method for the exfoliation of layered oxide perovskites as well as surface modification of generated oxide nanosheets has been developed. Using rapid microwave‐assisted reactions, nanosheets from Dion‐Jacobson‐type perovskites were obtained and then subsequently functionalized with a variety of organics containing hydroxyl or amine groups. Initially, oxide nanosheets with tetra( n ‐butyl)ammonium (TBA + ) surface groups are produced in as little as 1 h from bulk HLnNb 2 O 7 (Ln=La, Pr) perovskites. The TBA + surface groups of these nanosheets can then be replaced with a variety of n‐alkyl alkoxy and n‐alkylammonium groups via fast microwave reactions (≤1 h). Beyond these simple n‐alkyl surface groups, nanosheets can also be produced with both saturated and unsaturated cyclic and linear alcohols. This synthetic approach appears widely applicable such that any saturated/unsaturated organic with hydroxyl or amine functional groups can be attached to oxide nanosheets. The rapid production of organic‐inorganic nanosheets coupled with controlled surface modification is of great significance for engineering functional composite materials with novel properties.
Subject(s)alkoxy group , alkyl , amine gas treating , chemical engineering , chemistry , engineering , exfoliation joint , graphene , inorganic chemistry , materials science , metallurgy , nanotechnology , organic chemistry , oxide , perovskite (structure) , polymer chemistry , surface modification
SCImago Journal Rank0.947

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