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open-access-imgOpen AccessOrtnery's syndrome in association with mitral valve prolapse
Kishan C. V.,
Wongpraparut N.,
Adeleke K.,
Frechie P.,
Kotler M. N.
Publication year2000
Publication title
clinical cardiology
Resource typeJournals
PublisherWiley Periodicals
Abstract The case of an 83‐year‐old woman with a history of hypertension, valvular heart disease, atrial fibrillation, and cardiomegaly is presented. The patient also had progressive hoarseness of her voice and intermittent dysphagia. Ear, nose, and throat examination revealed left vocal cord paralysis. Echocardiography revealed severely dilated left (LA) and right atria (RA), moderate mitral regurgitation, severe tricuspid regurgitation, and prolapse of both these valves. A review of literature of Ortner's or cardiovocal syndrome is presented. Ortner's syndrome due to mitral valve prolapse has not been reported previously.
Subject(s)atrial fibrillation , cardiology , dysphagia , medicine , mitral regurgitation , mitral valve , mitral valve prolapse , paralysis , regurgitation (circulation) , surgery , vocal cord paralysis
SCImago Journal Rank1.263

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