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Premium The study of short‐shot water‐assisted injection molding of short glass fiber reinforced polypropylene
Yu Zhong,
Liu HeSheng,
Kuang TangQing,
Huang XingYuan,
Chen ZhongShi,
Zhang Wei,
Zhang Kai
Publication year2020
Publication title
journal of applied polymer science
Resource typeJournals
PublisherJohn Wiley & Sons
Abstract water penetration length and fiber orientation (along the melt flow direction) are important indicators for water‐assisted injection molding products of the fiber‐reinforced polymer. The effects of melt short shot size, water injection delay time and water injection pressure on these two important indexes are analyzed theoretically and experimentally. The study found that with the increase of the melt short shot size, the extension of the water injection delay time and the increase of the water injection pressure, the water penetration length changed from 216 to 96 mm, 170 to 210 mm, and 215 to 180 mm, respectively. Therefore, it can be known that melt short shot size has the greatest influence on water penetration length, followed by water injection delay time, and finally water injection pressure. Meantime, due to the fiber orientation and change degree of water‐assisted injection‐molded products along the melt flow direction, the fiber orientation in the water channel layer along the melt flow direction has the highest and lowest change degree, followed by the wall layer and finally the core layer. It can be known that the melt short shot size has the greatest influence on the fiber orientation and the degree of change along the melt flow direction, followed by the water injection delay time, and finally the water injection pressure.
Subject(s)composite material , fiber , glass fiber , materials science , metallurgy , molding (decorative) , polymer science , polypropylene , shot (pellet)
SCImago Journal Rank0.575

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