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Premium Flame resistant cotton fabrics prepared by radiation‐initiated polymerization with vinyl phosphonate oligomer and N‐methylolacrylamide
Harris James A.,
Arthur Jett C.,
Goynes Wilton R.
Publication year1979
Publication title
journal of applied polymer science
Resource typeJournals
PublisherWiley Subscription Services
Abstract Radiation‐initiated polymerization of vinyl phosphonate oligomer (molecular weight 500–1000) and N‐methylolacrylamide from aqueous solutions was investigated with cotton printcloth, flanelette, and sateen fabrics and with cotton (50%)–polyester (50%) flannelette fabrics. Determinations were made of the effects of radiation dosage, mole ratio of vinyl phosphonate in the oligomer to N‐methylolacrylamide in aqueous solution, concentration of reactants, wet pickup of solutions on fabrics, and irradiation of both dry and wet fabrics on efficiency of conversion of oligomer and monomer in solution to polymer add‐on. The effects of vinyl phosphonate oligomer and N‐methylolacrylamide radiation‐initiated polymerization on some of the textile properties of cotton printcloth and on flame resistances of cotton and cotton–polyester fabrics were evaluated. The breaking strength of modified cotton printcloth was about the same as that of unmodified fabric; however, the tearing strength and flex abrasion resistance of modified fabric were reduced. The textile hand of the modified printcloth fabrics that had flame resistance indicated: interaction between cellulose and vinyl phosphonate oligomer–poly(N‐methylolacrylamide) and uniform deposition in the fibrous cross section (transmission electron microscopy); surface areas of heavy deposits of oligomer–polymer (scanning electron microscopy); and phosphorus located throughout the fibrous cross section (energy dispersive x‐ray analysis). Polymerization of vinyl phosphonate oligomer and N‐methylolacrylamide was radiation initiated with cotton–polyester fabric; however, this modified fabric did not have flame‐resistant properties.
Subject(s)chemistry , composite material , materials science , oligomer , organic chemistry , phosphonate , polyester , polymer , polymer chemistry , polymerization
SCImago Journal Rank0.575

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