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Premium Highly selective and recyclable hydrogenation of α‐pinene catalyzed by ruthenium nanoparticles loaded on amphiphilic core–shell magnetic nanomaterials
Wu FangZhu,
Yu FengLi,
Yuan Bing,
Xie CongXia,
Yu ShiTao
Publication year2019
Publication title
applied organometallic chemistry
Resource typeJournals
A multifunctional nanomaterial (Fe 3 O 4 @SiO 2 @C X @NH 2 ) comprising a magnetic core, a silicon protective interlayer, and an amphiphilic silica shell is successfully prepared. Ru nanoparticles catalyst loaded on Fe 3 O 4 @SiO 2 @C X @NH 2 is used in hydrogenation of α‐pinene for the first time. The novel nanomaterial with amphipathy can be used as a solid foaming agent to increase gas–liquid–solid three‐phase contact and accelerate the reaction. Under the mild conditions (40 °C, 1 MPa H 2 , 3 h), 99.9% α‐pinene conversion and 98.9% cis ‐pinane selectivity are obtained, which is by far the best results reported. Furthermore, the magnetic nanocomposite catalyst can be easily separated by an external magnet and reused nine times with high selectivity maintaining.
Subject(s)amphiphile , catalysis , chemical engineering , chemistry , combinatorial chemistry , copolymer , engineering , magnetic nanoparticles , materials science , nanomaterials , nanoparticle , nanotechnology , organic chemistry , polymer , ruthenium
SCImago Journal Rank0.53

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