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Premium Cover Picture: Atomically Precise Multimetallic Semiconductive Nanoclusters with Optical Limiting Effects (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 35/2018)
Chen Shuai,
Fang WeiHui,
Zhang Lei,
Zhang Jian
Publication year2018
Publication title
angewandte chemie international edition
Resource typeReports
A multinuclear silver core can be stabilized in the cavity of a titanium‐oxo cluster. In their Communication on page 11252 ff., L. Zhang, J. Zhang et al. report two such core–shell Ag 6 @Ti 16 ‐oxo nanoclusters, the structures of which may remind people of the traditional Chinese silver ingot currency ‘yuanbao′. The octahedral Ag 6 clusters inside the semiconductive Ti–O shell display different orientations, which further influences their optical limiting effects towards 532 nm laser irradiation.
Subject(s)computer science , cover (algebra) , engineering , int , limiting , materials science , mechanical engineering , nanoclusters , nanotechnology , operating system
SCImago Journal Rank5.831

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