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Premium The First Arsirane
Appel Rolf,
Gaitzsch Thomas,
Knoch Falk
Publication year1985
Publication title
angewandte chemie international edition in english
Resource typeJournals
PublisherHüthig & Wepf Verlag
The instability of the arsorane 3, X = As, R = Ph, was exploited to prepare the first arsacyclopropane 4 . The colorless crystals of 4 form from 3 within 12 h at room temperature. 3 was obtained from the arsane 1 and the lithium methanide 2 .
Subject(s)biology , chemistry , crystallography , endocrinology , instability , lithium (medication) , materials science , nanotechnology , physics , quantum mechanics
SCImago Journal Rank5.831

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