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Premium A Tetrameric Cage with D 2 h Symmetry through Alkyne Metathesis
Wang Qi,
Zhang Chenxi,
Noll Bruce C.,
Long Hai,
Jin Yinghua,
Zhang Wei
Publication year2014
Publication title
angewandte chemie
Resource typeJournals
PublisherWILEY‐VCH Verlag
Abstract Shape‐persistent covalent organic polyhedrons (COPs) with ethynylene linkers are usually prepared through kinetically controlled cross‐coupling reactions. The high‐yielding synthesis of ethynylene‐linked rigid tetrameric cages via one‐step alkyne metathesis from readily accessible triyne precursors is presented. The tetrameric cage contains two macrocyclic panels and exhibits D 2 h symmetry. The assembly of such a COP is a thermodynamically controlled process, which involves the initial formation of macrocycles as key intermediates followed by the connection of two macrocycles with ethynylene linkages. With a large internal cavity, the cage exhibits a high binding selectivity toward C 70 ( K= 3.9×10 3  L mol −1 ) over C 60 (no noticeable binding).
Subject(s)alkyne , cage , catalysis , chemistry , combinatorics , covalent bond , crystal structure , crystallography , dynamic covalent chemistry , mathematics , metathesis , organic chemistry , polymer , polymerization , salt metathesis reaction , stereochemistry , supramolecular chemistry

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