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Premium Generalization of the Governing Principle of Dissipative Processes to Complex Scalar Fields ) Quantum Mechanics as “Abstract” Transport Theory
Gyarmati I.
Publication year1974
Publication title
annalen der physik
Resource typeJournals
PublisherWILEY‐VCH Verlag
Abstract The genuine variational principle of macroscopic dissipative continua is generalized to complex scalar fields in the universal form of G AUSS ian type. The generalization makes it possible to extend the validity of the principle to the PS field of the non‐relativistic S CHRÖDINGER equation, and to certain types of non‐linear problems. Following M ORSE 's and F ESHBACH 's sequence of thoughtful ideas in reverse direction the fundamentals of an “abstract” transport theory, isomorphic with one‐particle quantum theory, are developed and the possibility of interpreting the quantum theory by classical models is discussed. On the basis of new arguments, the impossibility of interpreting quantum mechanics in terms of classical transport theories (hydrodynamical model, diffusional and stochastic models) is established.
Subject(s)classical mechanics , dissipative system , physics , quantum mechanics , theoretical physics , variational principle
SCImago Journal Rank1.009

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